VB Complex Program

1. Create the following application in VB. The form should contain the following menu
Draw Modify Exit
Circle Shrink
On selection of the menu option ‘Circle’, a circle should be drawn on the screen. The user can Shrink, Expand or Erase the circle by selecting the menu option or by displaying a popup menu after the right mouse button is clicked or pressed. The popup menu should contain the option Shrink, Expand or Erase which should perform the same operation as the menu option.

2. Write a VB program to create magical square (3*3). Enter numbers in between 1 to 9 in the square such that addition of each row and each column should be 15.

5. Design a form in VB with two Listboxes. Set the style property of both to 0 and 2 (Multiselect) respectively.
One with the left arrow and the one with the right arrow. On pressing the left arrow the selected item from List Box 1 should be transferred to List Box 2 (only if it does exist in List Box 2). If the right arrow is pressed, the selected item (multiple selection are not in ListBox1 should be) transferred to List box 1.
Add items and remove items buttons for each list. Duplicate item should not be added

6. Write a VB program to accept the details of student and display mark sheet details on grid control.( rollno, student name, class, sub1, sub2, sub3, total, percentage, grade)

7. Write a VB program to accept the details of student from user & store the details in the database without using standard controls (Use reference of ADODC). Student details having fields roll number, name, class name, date of birth

8. Write a VB program to create a Stop Watch. It contains buttons Start, Stop, Pause, and Reset. It should display time in hours, minute, second, millisecond.

9. Design an application in VB which has a Drivelistbox, Dirlistbox, Filelistbox control. The form contains the following command buttons:
i) All drives : Display all drives in computer (including network drives)
ii) All subdirectories: Display all subfolders of the currently selected directory.
iii) All files : Display a popup menu which contains the following options:
a. All document files
b. All bitmaps
c. All files
On selection of option,display the specified type.

10. Write a VB Program to accept the details of employees from user & store details in to the database. Display those details onto the screen by using report. (Use Standard ADODC controls.) Employee details contain empcode, empname, salary, address.

11. Write a VB program to accept the details of customer having fields cno, cname, address,phone number. Display those details on to the screen using data report.(Don’t use standard controls).

12. Write a VB program to accept the details of doctor having fields dno, dname, address, phone number. Display those details on to the grid.

13. Write a VB program to accept the details of product having fields pno, pname, qty, price totalprice and store it into the database and update the quantity of product having pno is 100. (Don’t use Standard Data controls)

14. Write a VB program to add three text boxes at runtime. Allow user to enter values and then display average of values after click on command button.


16. Write VB program for dragging and dropping multiple objects. (take two command buttons RESET and EXIT, and four image controls). When user click on reset button then all images will go to original position.

17. Design a data entry screen in VB for the following case:
A company wants to find out the response of people to their new product which was Introduce in the market.
a. Accept the name of the customer.
b. Provide choice as Excellent, Satisfactory, Average, Bad.
c. Should provide Continue & Quit button. When user click on Continue the previous data should be erased and new data should be accepted.
The Quit button should display a report showing the total number of customers who entered their opinion and the percentage of customer who feels that the product is Excellent, Satisfactory, Average Or Bad.
NOTE: The user can choose only opinions provided.


22. Write a VB program to store the details of players into the database and display that details using ADODC. (Don’t use Standard Control)

23. Design an application in VB to implement the find and replace dialogue box for textbox control with the multiple line of text with 3 options buttons for changing font and three checkboxes for giving effect (Bold, Italic, Underline) to the text. The form should contain following command buttons
a. Find
b. Find Next
c. Replace
d. Replace all

24.Write a VB program to accept the details of book, store those details into the database and delete the particular record of given book id. (Use InputBox)

26. Create an application in VB to display 4 X 4 squares on the screen. One of the block will be active with black color all other block will be fill with blue color. Provide a command button as follows to move the active cell the active cell should be change only if it is within the boundary.



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