19) Write HTML and JavaScript code to accept information.

<TITLE> form</TITLE>

<H1><b><u>Persinal Information</u></b></H1><br>

<FORM name=frmResister action=register.asp method=post>
First Name:
<input type=text name=txtfirst Name><br><br>
Last Name:
<input type=text name=txtLast Name><br><br>
<input type=text name=txtAddress><br><br>
Mobile Number:
<input type=text name=txtMobile number size=30><br><br>

<input type=radio name=rdsex>Male <input type=radio name=rdsex>Female<br><br>
Your Interest
<input type=checkbox name=chkb1>Computer <input type=checkbox name=chkb2>Sport
<input type=checkbox name=chkb3>Music<br><br>

<input type=submit value=Submit name=submit1 > <input type=Reset value=rest name=reset1>



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