Graphic Program

1)This c graphics program draws basic shapes such as circle, line, rectangle, ellipse and display text on screen using c graphics.
2)This program draws bar chart using c graphics. Chart is drawn using bars filled with different styles and in different colors.
3) This c program draws a pie chart showing percentage of various components drawn with different filling styles and colors.
4) Program in c using graphics move a car.
5) This c program draws a 3d bar chart.

6) This animation using c draws a smiling face which appears at random position on screen. See output below the code, it will help you in understanding the code easily.

7) This program generates captcha, a captcha is a random code generated using some algorithm. We will use random function in our code. These are used in typing tutors and in website to check whether a human is operating on a website.

8) This program draws circles in circles in two different colors.
9) This c graphics program performs countdown for 30 seconds.
10) C programming code to change text color.
11) C programming code for textbackground.



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