Advance Java

1. Applet Flag
2.Applet for Traffic signal
3.Arithmetic operations implemented in session bean
4.Count the no of visit made to the site using cookies in servlet
5.Data Fetch
6.Data Insertion with Access
7.Data Insertion with SQL
8.Exception(Mult try catch)
9.File Handeling
10.Insert image as blob to student table
11.JSP Cookie
12.JSP Example
13.JSP Loan Calculator
14.Message bean demonstration
16.multi thread synchronization
17.MultiThread(Muiltply table,Prime Number and Fibonacci) quiz
19.Retrive blob data
20.sample program to handle get method in servlet
21.Servlet currency converter application
22.Servlet Login
23.servlet to insert data
24.Session Management in servlet
26.struts to demonstrate I18N
27.Struts to enter the credentials of the Staff and store it in the database
28.Thread Priority
29.Update and Delete