Facebook Developer World Hack 2012 to visit Bengaluru on Sep 17.


Facebook is all set to reach out to the developer community around the world through a global series of events scheduled to commence this month. Called Facebook Developer World Hack 2012, the events will be hosted by the social networking website throughout August and September. Importantly, it will also be held in Bengaluru on September 17. 

An official blog post on the Facebook Developer blog announcing Hack

 2012 states that this is a move to “bring the Facebook Developer story to a new set of cities – homes to some of the world’s most vibrant and fast-growing developer communities”. The blog goes on to state that the events are one-day-long each and will take place in 12 cities.
Each event will start with a series of technical sessions, where Open Graph, iOS, Android, mobile web, and social game development will be discussed. Following this, Facebook’s engineers will elaborate with demos and samples, so that developers jump right into the Hack itself. The post states that the Hack is an eight-hour competition where “you get to demonstrate your newfound skills, with hands-on help from Facebook engineers”. The events will end with awards and team demos for the best apps and projects worked on through the day.

The events are open to all kinds of coders irrespective of their level of experience in developing Facebook apps. Coders who have developed an app for Facebook, which they’d like to distribute or those who have ideas for social apps are also welcome at the events. The events require you to pre-register with a nominal fee.

The World Hack events will take place in these cities starting August 23:

Austin, USA – August 23
Mexico City, Mexico – August 27
Buenos Aires, Argentina – August 29
São Paulo, Brazil – August 31
Berlin, Germany – September 11
Taipei, Taiwan – September 11
Jakarta, Indonesia – September 13
Bangalore, India – September 17
Barcelona, Spain – September 18
Vancouver, Canada – September 20
Warsaw, Poland — September 28
Moscow, Russia – October 1


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