Information Technology

A fast-growing segment of Indian industry is information
technology. The availability of educated manpower, high
standard of educational institutions, sound infrastructure, low
costs of operation,disciplined labour force, presence of
international airports and major sea ports are some of the
factors which have made India the destination for IT industry.
With IT penetrating all spheres such as Government
departments, educational institutions, banking, shopping,
consumer applications, the potential for further growth of IT
industry is enormous.
Earlier, the hardware industry in India had mainly catered to
the needs of domestic consumers with only marginal exports
while 60 per cent of the software revenues were from exports.
After the liberalization process in 1991, followed by reduction of
import duties in 1996 Multinational companies were able to
export large volumes to India boosting the domestic market for
both hardware and software.

Software Industry

India has earned undisputed respect all over world due to its
software prows Infosys, wipro,TCS to name a few are amongst
the top software companies. Infact there has been outsourcing
from our software companies the all over world.ln sort in the
job opportunities available in market 90 percent are of Software
& Telecommunication.

Today our whole life schedule is facet with softwares from
banking to madication, mobile networks, high end ticketing
technology. the job opportunities in this field are immence and
next 20 years will be of the revolution because of software

IT/ITES Employment Trends

The IT/ITES industry is one of the largest employers in India.
Not only the industry offers numerous jobs but also tries to
follow diverse employment practices and encourages people
with different skill sets, gender, abilities and qualifications to
work together. IT industry in India has created employment
opportunities in smaller/non- metro cities giving the students a
chance to enter this field. Nearly, 33-50% employees of large IT
firms belong to non-metro areas.

IT industry also encourages differently–abled people by
employing and training them. ITES industry provides an
opportunity to the non-technical and less qualified people to
enter this field. In addition, this filed has helped and is still
focusing on women empowerment. The increasing trend of
number of women getting employed in this sector exhibits that
this sector offers equal opportunities and benefits to women.

Indian IT job market has a very high growth rate. This growth
has impacted the overall employment ratio resulting in doubling
the employment every year. The number of people employed in
the IT/ITeS sector has increased significantly from 670,000 to
2,572,000 from 2003 to 2010 as per the NASSCOM 2011 report.
This sector is expected to grow even more in the coming years.

Key Players in the IT Industry in India

Tata Cons

Requirements of IT Industry

The educational qualifications required for some of the IT industry jobs for fresh pass-outs are:-
Systems Analyst – BE/ B.Tech, Electronics, Communication, Computer Science
Data Warehousing – BE Computer Science/ MCA
E-Commerce Engineer – BE / B.Tech/ MCA
Network Designer – BE Computer Science, BE Electrical & Communication


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